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Carol Coffman

Carol Coffman


  • Fluid Acrylic
  • Colored Pencil

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I celebrate the magic of the everyday and those elusive moments that seem charged or symbolically significant.

I have been drawing as long as I can remember. As a child, I would illustrate the stories I read and then guess the ending and draw that too. I drew what I saw and drew from my imagination. Sometimes I would get in trouble for drawing on things that I shouldn’t so my parents enrolled me in Art classes. From then on I have always taken classes which led to three Art degrees. The beauty of manipulating physical materials and the process of creating and drawing from oneself is magic.

My favorite mediums are fluid acrylics and colored pencils. I enjoy glazing and layering color and line.


Carol Coffman

"Caledon Beach Resident" - colored pencil

Carol Coffman

"Getting Water for Sand" - colored pencil

Carol Coffman

"Treasure Hunt, Caledon Beach, VA" - fluid acrylic