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Exhibition Schedule

2018 Exhibitions


Featuring Adam DeSio
All Members Exhibition

February 27 - April 2

Opening Reception
First Friday, March 2


Featuring Tammy Hedge
All Members Exhibition

April 3 - 30

Opening Reception
First Friday, April 6

Updated Schedule Coming Soon



January 2013 - All Members Exhibit

Sally Rhone Kubarek

"Summertime" - Sally Rhone-Kubarek - Drawing

Robyn Ryan

"Reflections" - Robyn Ryan - Watercolor

Nancy Brittle

"Snowy Front Yard" - Nancy Brittle - Oil

Lynn Mehta

"Blue Mountains" - Lynn Mehta - Oil

Nancy Brittle

"Lifeline" - Fritzi Newton - Photography

Cathy Herndon

"Portrait From The Next Ark" - Cathy Herndon - Mixed Media

Gloria Affenit

"Carrot Top" - Gloria Affenit - Watercolor

Adam DeSio

"Rappahannock Heron" - Adam DeSio - Photography

Guerin Wolf

"Old Town With Olive Oil" - Guerin Wolf - Oil Pastel