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Exhibition Schedule

2017 Exhibitions


Featuring Ed King
All Members Exhibition

February 28 - April 3

Opening Reception
First Friday, March 3


Featuring Sandra Kennelly
All Members Exhibition

April 4 - May 1

Opening Reception
First Friday, April 7


Featuring Linda Warshaw
All Members Exhibition

May 2 - May 28

Opening Reception
First Friday, May 5


Featuring Suzanne Scheer
All Members Exhibition

May 30 - July 3

Opening Reception
First Friday, June 2


Featuring Chris O'Kelly
All Members Exhibition

July 5 - August 31

Opening Reception
First Friday, July 7


Featuring James Lyman
All Members Exhibition

August 2 - August 28

Opening Reception
First Friday, August 4


Featuring Ariel Freeman
All Members Exhibition

August 30 - October 2

Opening Reception
First Friday, September 1


Featuring Joyce Leatherwood
All Members Exhibition

October 3 - October 30

Opening Reception
First Friday, October 5


Featuring Casey Shaw
All Members Exhibition

November 1- November27

Opening Reception
First Friday, November 3



October 2014 - States of Consciousness

Featuring New Works by Charles Riley

"To Devo Or Not To Devo" - Charles Riley- Mixed Media

"Rosetta Stone Of Communication Essence" - Charles Riley- Mixed Media

"Myth, Superstition, and Wonder" - Charles Riley- Mixed Media

"Homer Recites the Last War" - Charles Riley- Mixed Media

"WWII Marriage" - Charles Riley- Mixed Media

"Heroic Efforts" - Charles Riley- Mixed Media

"Man's Inhumanity to Man" - Charles Riley- Mixed Media


Other works included in the show.


Helen Butler

"Caladiums I" - Helen Butler - Oil

Jessica Canon

"Can You Determine the Texture?" - Jessica Cannon - Mixed Media

Sheryl Crowell

"Time To Wake Up" - Sheryl Crowell - Acrylic

Carol Coffman

"The Battle" - Carol Coffman - Acrylic

Linda Warshaw

"The Blue Pillow" - Linda Warshaw - Acrylic

Kenneth Moore

"The Ritual of the Composite Archetype" - Kenneth Moore- Mixed Media