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Exhibition Schedule

2017 Exhibitions


Featuring Sandra Kennelly
All Members Exhibition

April 4 - May 1

Opening Reception
First Friday, April 7


Featuring Linda Warshaw
All Members Exhibition

May 2 - May 28

Opening Reception
First Friday, May 5


Featuring Suzanne Scheer
All Members Exhibition

May 30 - July 3

Opening Reception
First Friday, June 2


Featuring Chris O'Kelly
All Members Exhibition

July 5 - August 31

Opening Reception
First Friday, July 7


Featuring James Lyman
All Members Exhibition

August 2 - August 28

Opening Reception
First Friday, August 4


Featuring Ina Moss
All Members Exhibition

August 30 - October 2

Opening Reception
First Friday, September 1


Featuring Adam DeSio
All Members Exhibition

October 3 - October 30

Opening Reception
First Friday, October 5


Featuring Casey Shaw
All Members Exhibition

November 1- November27

Opening Reception
First Friday, November 3



November 2016

by Jessica Cannon


Prolific abstract artist, Jessica Cannon, credits the public’s interpretation of her work as a major source of inspiration. Since her highly textured pieces will be featured throughout November, Art First gallery visitors can enjoy, and maybe even influence, her art.

Cannon also thrives on exploiting the tactile quality of her materials, including acrylic and oil paint and pastels; various gels and varnishes; plaster; fabric, and feathers. She sculpts with paint to disguise recognizable, and sometimes overlooked, objects. The juxtaposition and repetition of color and form, both in a single painting, and in series, clearly captivates her. If her audience feels compelled to touch her paintings, a focus of her process has been achieved.

Born and raised in Bowling Green, Cannon acknowledges supportive family, friends and teachers as a source for her lifelong passion for art. She graduated from Mary Baldwin College, with degrees in Business Administration and in Art. Her Masters is in Education.

Jessica Cannon

"The Juxtaposition" - Jessica Cannon


Jessica Cannon

"My Imagination Only" - Jessica Cannon


Jessica Cannon

"Interlude" - Jessica Cannon


Jessica Cannon

"Conversation with Myself" - Jessica Cannon


Art by other Art First Members

Below are pieces included in the exhibit by other members of Art First members.


Chris O'Kelley

"View of Fredericksburg from Chatham Heights" - Chris O'Kelley


James Lyman

"Cloud Study #6" - James Lyman


Suzanne Scherr

"Hydrangias" - Suzanne Scherr


Carol Coffman

"Following Raven" - Carol Coffman


Jessica Cannon

"House Portrait" - Casey Alan Shaw