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Gallery Open Daily 11am-5pm • Celebrating 21 Years of Excellence

Exhibition Schedule

2017 Exhibitions


Featuring Chris O'Kelly
All Members Exhibition

July 5 - 31

Opening Reception
First Friday, July 7


Featuring James Lyman
All Members Exhibition

August 2 - August 28

Opening Reception
First Friday, August 4


Featuring Ina Moss
All Members Exhibition

August 30 - October 2

Opening Reception
First Friday, September 1


Featuring Adam DeSio
All Members Exhibition

October 3 - October 30

Opening Reception
First Friday, October 5


Featuring Casey Shaw
All Members Exhibition

November 1- November27

Opening Reception
First Friday, November 3


2018 Exhibitions


All Members Exhibition

January 2 - 29

Opening Reception
First Friday, January 5


All Members Exhibition

January 30 - February 26

Opening Reception
First Friday, February 2


Featuring TBD
All Members Exhibition

February 27 - April 2

Opening Reception
First Friday, March 2


Featuring Tammy Hedge
All Members Exhibition

April 3 - 30

Opening Reception
First Friday, April 6



December 2016

A Holiday With Art - All Members Exhibit


Art First Gallery will overflow with one of a kind gifts this season. Original and limited edition townscapes, landscapes, fused glass and beaded jewelry, as well as clay sculptures enable a personal touch.

Twenty six local artists are represented. Many have long term recognition in the local art scene, including: Johnny Johnson, Gloria Affenit, Casey Shaw, Barbara T. Hall, Carol Crawford, Ariel Freeman, Linda Warshaw and Sheila Jones. As of last month, bead artist Sharon Osmon and painter Ken Searles joined the group.

The gallery will be open late on First Friday, and will have expanded hours for holiday shoppers.

Ken Searles

Ken Searles


Sheila Jones

"Blues Storm Brewing" - Sheila Jones


Deborah Elaine

"Attraction" - Deborah Elaine


Suzanne Scherr

"Hydranges" - Suzanne Scherr


Cathy Herndon

"Under Construction" - Cathy Herndon


Casey Alan Shaw

"Pink Lady on Caroline Street" - Casey Alan Shaw


Ed King

"Barn In Snow" - Ed King


Linda Warshaw

"Sleigh Ride" - Linda Warshaw