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Exhibition Schedule

2017 Exhibitions


Featuring Sandra Kennelly
All Members Exhibition

April 4 - May 1

Opening Reception
First Friday, April 7


Featuring Linda Warshaw
All Members Exhibition

May 2 - May 28

Opening Reception
First Friday, May 5


Featuring Suzanne Scheer
All Members Exhibition

May 30 - July 3

Opening Reception
First Friday, June 2


Featuring Chris O'Kelly
All Members Exhibition

July 5 - August 31

Opening Reception
First Friday, July 7


Featuring James Lyman
All Members Exhibition

August 2 - August 28

Opening Reception
First Friday, August 4


Featuring Ina Moss
All Members Exhibition

August 30 - October 2

Opening Reception
First Friday, September 1


Featuring Adam DeSio
All Members Exhibition

October 3 - October 30

Opening Reception
First Friday, October 5


Featuring Casey Shaw
All Members Exhibition

November 1- November27

Opening Reception
First Friday, November 3



September 2016

“Defying Physics: Constructs and De-Constructs”
by David Lovegrove


Artist David Lovegrove rarely sketches or photographs the beautiful or the polished. Instead, he finds and conveys meaning, and sometimes, double meanings, through altered images of the worn, broken, neglected, or unfinished.

In acrylic paint, colored pencils, photography, as well as photo transfers, Lovegrove creates images that can defy the laws of physics. Recognizable local landmarks, such as the decrepit Embrey Power Plant and the Purina Tower in Fredericksburg are transformed to encourage reflection and interpretation. He balances between abstraction and realism and explores artistic traditions, such as Cubism and diagrammatic drawing, to interpret his environment.

Since 1990, Lovegrove has taught visual art. He received his Bachelor of Arts in Art Education from Virginia Tech and a Master of Fine Arts from James Madison University.

David Lovegrove

Turbine Pedestal II


David Lovegrove

The Leaning Tower of Purina Descending a Staircase


David Lovegrove

Fall Of The Billboard

Art by other Art First Members

Below are pieces included in the exhibit by other members of Art First members.


Jessica Cannon

Top Feathers - Jessica Cannon

Sheila Jones

Beale Street #2 - Sheila Jones

Carol Coffman

Rapunzel - Carol Coffman

Mark Dlugonski

Swallowtail - Mark Dlugonski

Chris O'Kelley

Rappahannock River - Chris O'Kelley

David Lovegrove

Bird of Paradise II - Deborah Elaine