Allen Garrett

Medium – Painting, 3D Sculpture
Email Address[email protected]

I’m recently retired so I’m in the process of rebooting myself! All ways having an art project going hasn’t changed but being more in control of my schedule has. I’m becoming more organized in my favor.

The last couple of years I’ve been working on an art project I call Blockheads! These are faces from the world painted on all 6 sides of 2.5 inch square blocks. About 90 of them all told. Each block is designed differently, some have 1 face others 15 or so. Each corner on the blocks is a nose , eye or ear so when put together you get more than a face. I premiered them at the Sidney E. King Art Center in Bowling Green this summer! It gives me great pleasure to show them here at Artfirst.

Now that Blockheads are finished I’m going to the next step and painting and designing on different sized pieces of wood. Some soon to be finished.

Joining up with Artfirst is the first time I’ve ever joined a club or group. So far I’ve encountered nothing but kindness and assuredness from Tammy, Chris and Elise. Looking forward to being on Caroline St. in Fredericksburg!