Elise King-Lynch

Medium – Pyzanki, Paper Construction
Email Address[email protected]


Originally from Buffalo NY, my husband and I have lived in the Fredericksburg area for 18 years. I am a stay at home mom and as my children have grown and become more independent I have had the opportunity to explore my interest in different art forms.

I adore the geometric symmetry of both of my artistic endeavors. While at first glance they may seem completely different, the precision and accuracy inherent in both Pyzanki and origami architecture is what drives my passion for these arts.

Pyzanki is the ancient art of decorating eggs, a method similar to Batik, which began in the Ukraine. At first I was fascinated by the primitive tools of Pyzanki. Since then I have endeavored to perfect my methods when I create both traditional Pyzanki and some more unique designs. I enjoy incorporating great detail in each creation.

My father first introduced me to origami architecture. It was a sort of holiday tradition to create the twelve pointed paper stars. Through the years I have further evolved my talents and have made significant improvements with these stars. My latest creations are much more complex, I have explored new papers and mediums; incorporated new features, such as oblique angles or concave shapes inside each spire. I was recently commissioned by St. Mary of the Immaculate Church of Fredericksburg where 15 of my creations were displayed over the Christmas holidays.

As I work on each creation I make discoveries and develop new ideas for the next. I believe that every art piece is an adventure. I am very much looking forward to my next ride.