James Lyman

Medium – Oil, Acrylic
Email Address[email protected]

Artist’s statement

My art should be beautiful or deeply moving, but preferably both. The best art encompasses these traits on as many levels as possible. Up close I want my work to appear as chaos, brush strokes of color and texture that defy identity. At a distance the work should begin to form an image while providing an opportunity to see the individual components that make the whole. In this respect I want my work to mimic life. Taken in its infinite detail at close range, our existence seems chaotic and often overwhelming. Only by taking a broad view may we see the bigger picture, experience the smooth, unified perspective that brings us peace and meaning. And yet our frequent peeks at the minute detail broadens our appreciation of the whole.

As an artist and author I seek out the neglected elements of our vision in an attempt to exercise our unique ability for spontaneous insight. When light shines on a subject, be it visual or intellectual, there is no ignoring its truth and its logic. When I paint, I treat light as an object as solid as any subject matter. Light becomes a component of the object, not an effect on the object.

I am a completely self-taught artist. I began by studying and copying the techniques of the masters, from stretching a canvas to applying the last highlight. I continue to seek guidance wherever light is unified with the issue I intend to resolve.