Karen Julihn

Karen Julihn points to Fredericksburg, Virginia as the starting point for her art journey.  Here, in Fredericksburg, she notes that she began to explore art as a deeply personal form of expression. 

 And in fact, her fans revel in the vibrant colors so  characteristic of Karen’s dynamic artistic voice. Yet, despite the rich depth of her expressionism, Karen quietly says, “I have only recently begun to recreate myself as an artist by taking workshops and classes in watercolor, oil and acrylic painting.”Karen’s passion for creative expression is evident in her varied work. She works comfortably in acrylic, oil and mixed  media. And through her art, she  encourages her viewers to rediscover their relationship to the world around them.Karen says, “My art connects my inner  world to the outer world around me.Creating art is about finding a place where  I feel I belong.  While it may inspire others, I find it to be therapy for the soul.