Linda Rose Larochelle

Graduated from the San Francisco Art Institute with a B.F.A. in Printmaking and has done graduate work at the University of Maryland, VCU and the Art League. While at the Art Institute her focus was on fine line etching. Later she branched out to explore color with pastels and watercolors. Her interest has shifted again to relief prints as a vehicle for pattern, color and texture in composition. Many of her prints are “unique variations”, meaning that they are one of a kind because the ink has been applied by hand in non- identical ways similar to mono prints. She also hand paints many of her relief prints creating unique hand painted variations, making each print a little different.

Relief block printing is a low-tech process that is hundreds of years old. It was the first form of printmaking. Originally artists in medieval and renaissance times used wood as their block creating the classic wood cuts. It was developed as a way to reproduce images since photography had not been invented. The artists carve out areas they wish to be white. The areas that are raised or in relief take the ink as it is rolled on. Relief block printing lends itself to stylized contrast, pattern and texture. The drawing is transferred to the plate and simple tools are used to carve the block. Around the middle of the 20th century printmakers began to use linoleum, softer than wood, it is easier to manipulate but lacks the cool texture of wood.

Mother and child and the human figure are images that run through Linda’s work since the stark contrasts of relief printing lend an expressive quality to them. Plus they convey memories and feelings that have been a big part of her life experience.

Linda also experiments a bit with monotypes. With monotypes, images are painted on a plexiglass plate using Ikua inks. Paper is placed on the plate and it is run through a press. The paper is pulled off and voila you have a print. But each print is one of a kind hence the name monotype.

The artist was a life-long art educator and has retired from the Arlington County Virginia Public Schools to devote full time to art. She has had several one woman shows in the Washington area and her work is in private collections in California and on the East Coast. As an art educator she has taught in a variety of settings and grade levels including public and private schools. Linda lives with her husband Rich in Fredericksburg, Virginia. 

“I’m pursuing a visual impact and meaning through exploring shape, color, texture and pattern.”  

~ Linda Rose Larochelle