Margeaux Ducoing

Medium – Drawings, Ink & Inkwash, Silkscreen
Email Address[email protected]

Artist Profile

Margeaux Ducoing is a fine artist, illustrator, and graphic designer who currently resides in Fredericksburg, Virginia. Born in California and raised in Louisiana, Margeaux graduated from the University of Mary Washington with a bachelor’s degree in Studio Art and Music with a minor in Museum Studies. As a young artist, she has drawn since the age of 7. It was not until she studied under local New Orleans-artist Keith Eccles that she became inspired to make art her career. Today, Margeaux creates artwork in pencil, ink, inkwash, silkscreening, and through digital applications. Margeaux has exhibited her art at UMW and Libertytown; and has also designed artwork for different venues such as the New Orleans Irish Festival and Richmond River City Recording Studio.

Margeaux’s art focuses on her investigations of symbolism using animal imagery. Utilizing a variety of pencil- and ink-based mediums, she explores themes like common life experiences, human interactions, relationships, and personal struggles, as depicted through her animal forms and expressions. She aims to create illustrative narratives that people can relate to in personal ways, as done so by their reaction to an animal species.