Peggy Wickham

Medium – Acrylic, Mixed Media

Like many artists, Peggy Findlay Wickham aspired to a career making art from an early age, but life intervened, She ended up enjoying, a career as a medical laboratory technician instead. However, the work she did in that field seemed in keeping with her love of art, as biology, chemistry and physics blend are themselves often visually experienced. The many art materials she uses when viewed with an eye to scientific experimentation enhance the art experience as colors blend, paint moves, or substances such as alcohol, water, and salt are seen to affect paint. Observing these things, she moves back and forth between the worlds of art and science. As a professional artist, she now blends these two loves of science and art more fully.

Subjects that often find their way into her work, are flowers, rural and water scenes, and even the linear geometry of cities. She also creates abstract paintings that explore many concepts– such as the ways layered colors create luminescence, and flowed paint simulates nature. In addition, she finds that learning about how exactly a flower is constructed in order to correctly portray it on canvas is in itself, a scientific activity.

Her work has been seen in exhibits primarily in Fredericksburg, but recently, Richmond as well. . She was honored to receive first place awards in the two categories of Acrylic Painting and Mixed Media this past spring at the Fredericksburg Fine Art Show. She is listed in Art In America, Annual Guide on the art page of Art Works of Richmond, Virginia.

The variety of techniques she employs, keep her work fresh and unique, but also to work to keep her own interest level high. She never has to force herself to get into her studio to work, in fact, it is always hard to stop working to do the mundane tasks in life. Working on her art is all consuming, and she finds the fact that others are able to experience a happy view of the world through the result of her art incredibly satisfying.