Tammy Hedge

Medium – Clay Sculpture, Acrylic Painting, Mixed Media

Artist Statement

It is my goal to create art that is quirky and fun. I hope that the viewer can have a giggle with me. The world is so serious today that we forget to just be a little silly and laugh. I am passionate about education and children, and most of the time I think like a child myself. I hope that enables me to be fearless in what I create. I want all ages to enjoy my work. If someone can see my art and for a moment feel the wonder of their inner child I have done my job well. Sometimes my work is more serious, but I hope it is still able to illicit that visceral reaction of wonder and imagination in the viewer.

Artist Profile

Began my own studio summer of 2015. Hedgerow Art. I specialize in hand sculpted ceramics. I create, paint, glaze and fire everything myself. I also own and run my own kiln and sell from my website and by appointment in my studio.

Creator/Artist/and Curator of Monster Mashup Art Project 2016
This consisted of collaborating 25 local artists and a class of Kindergartners to produce an art show. I have written and published a book about the project. I also created a special place on my website for the children to meet the artists, learn about different art mediums, perspectives, and processes.