“People, places, and a few every day things” by Ariel Freeman

May 2018

New work by Ariel Freeman
Opening Reception • Friday, May 4, 6-9 pm.
Show Runs Through June 4, 2018

I have enjoyed a love affair with watercolor for some time, and its unpredictability continues to excite me. This relationship began when I painted my first landscape. I was awed at the fluidity and how the light and color wash over the page. It was a wonderful and inspirational moment in my life. Since then, I have devoted my energies to painting landscapes, flowers, people, and still life objects in my own unique perspective.

They became an outlet to see the beauty of every day moments.

Most recently I have focused more on people, snapshots of people, places, and things as they are in every day, as a way to to develop a stronger connection to those around me. These glimpses and impressions are unique and fragile and easily lost when overlooked.