"Fire and Ice = Hydrants and Cones”

New art by David Lovegrove

August 2019

Opening Reception • Friday, August 2, 6-9 pm.
Show Runs Through Sunday, September 1, 2019

All the works in David Lovegrove’s latest featured artist show are abstractions and photographs of local fire hydrants and ice cream cones. The cone shapes of the hydrants and ice cream take on a double meaning and function, and even merge in some of the artworks. To accomplish these interesting juxtapositions and observations, Lovegrove engages a number of different media, including acrylic and
pastel on paper and canvas board, digital photographs and polaroid photographs.

The whimsical and diagrammatic aspects of Lovegrove’s artworks are influenced by artists such as Claes Oldenburg, Christo Javacheff,
Elizabeth Murray, and Wayne Thiebaud. Lovegrove appreciates and has seen several Claes Oldenburg public sculptures in person, including the FREE stamp in Cleveland, the Baseball Batcolumn in Chicago, the Typewriter Eraser in Washington, DC, and the Apple Core in Dunbar,

DAVID LOVEGROVE teaches art at James Monroe High School in Frederickburg. David earned his B.A. in Art Education and Architecture at Virginia Tech and an M.F.A. in Printmaking at James Madison University. This is his first featured artist show at Art First Gallery since 2016